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Buying a home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make. At Palladian, nothing is more important to us than knowing that you’re completely happy with the decision you’ve made to buy a home from us.

We go to great lengths to try and ensure that every part of your new home is the very best it can be – from the quality of our workmanship to the manufacturers we choose for fixtures and fittings. In the rare event that something isn’t up to scratch – or isn’t working as well as it should – we want to make it right wherever we can.

This page contains everything you need to know about your new home, our six-month ‘like new’ policy, and what to do if something goes wrong. Just click on the relevant section to find out more.

'Like new' policy

+ Six-month ‘like new’ policy

When a newly-built property begins to settle, small cracks can begin to appear in things like paintwork and grouting. This is perfectly natural, but we know that you want your new home looking as smart and fresh as the day you moved in.

Every Palladian home benefits from our ‘like new’ policy, designed to give you the peace of mind that your property is in the best possible condition after you’ve moved in.

When we meet you to hand over the keys to your new home, we’ll also talk to you about scheduling a date for us to return and deal with any defects caused by settling or materials drying out. This will be around six months after the date of the handover.

Before that happens, you'll need to tell us about the issues you'd like us to address using a simple form. Once we’ve reviewed those requests, we'll arrange a date for the work to take place and get your home back to looking its best.

How do I book an appointment?

You can:

• Use the form provided as part of your handover pack and return this to us in the post.

• Or use the simple online form here.

Please note that forms sent by post must reach us no later than the date specified on your property handover checklist (usually six months after your completion date).

What's covered

A newly built house today can contain as much as 5,000 litres of water, with that moisture present in materials like cement, mortar and plaster. As that water continues to evaporate after construction is complete, it can cause elements of the house to shrink - which can lead to small cracks or imperfections in the plaster or joins.

To remedy this, we're happy to address the following issues when we visit you for an aftersales appointment:

• Any settlement cracks over 2mm.

• Any plaster dislodged from nail heads in the ceilings.

• Easing of windows and doors as a result of the property settling.

If you discover any additional issues that need attention after you have already submitted your form, please contact us at homecare@palladianyork.co.uk or on (01904) 703414 as soon as possible so that we can ensure we deal with everything at once.

What isn't covered

This policy is designed to get your home up to the standard presented on the day that you moved in. While we're happy to address any of the issues above, we aren't able to accomodate factors such as decoration or painting. While we'll be as delicate as possible when making repairs, if you've already painted or decorated your property then you may need to make touch-ups to our work once it is complete.

Terms and conditions

Palladian offers this aftersales appointment as a discretionary service.

We reserve the right to evaluate all requests and reject any that we believe have been caused by negligence, deliberate action on the part of the owners or any third party, or any other issues outside of our control.

We will make one aftersales visit free of charge, and this must be arranged during the first six months of you purchasing the property from us. Any subsequent visits or requests that fall outside of the initial six-month term may be subject to an additional fee. This fee will be communicated to you at the time of the request, and there is no obligation to go ahead.

Please contact us at homecare@palladianyork.co.uk if you have any questions regarding this policy.

Technical Issues

+ Technical Issues

Every item installed in a Palladian home is personally selected by us to give you the latest and highest quality products. And from bathrooms to kitchens, we make sure that everything’s working just as it should be when you walk through the door.

As part of our sales handover process, we’ll walk you through everything in your home to ensure that you’re comfortable with how to use it, too.

If you feel that something isn’t working as it should be (such as kitchen appliances or boilers), please take the following steps:

• Check the troubleshooting section of the provided instructions (included in your handover pack). You should be able to resolve any simple issues by following the steps listed.

• If you’re unable to resolve the issue using the troubleshooting guide, there may be a problem with the item in question. Please contact the manufacturer for further assistance. Their number will be listed in the instruction manual. All products we fit are brand new and covered by a minimum 12 months manufacturer’s warranty.


+ Emergencies

Sometimes, things need to be dealt with more urgently. For the first six months after you buy a new home from us, we’ll respond to any emergency issues within a maximum of 24 hours wherever we can.

Situations that we would judge to be an emergency would include:

• Any defect in the structural engineering that causes the property to become unsafe.

• Burst pipes, water leaks or faulty wiring.

• Blocked pipes or drains.

Please note that we cannot be held responsible for issues resulting from user error or deliberate or accidental damage on the part of the homeowner or any third party.

In the event of an emergency, please call us on 01904 703414 during office hours or email homecare@palladianyork.co.uk at any time.

Always remember that in the event of a gas leak, you should call the Gas Emergency Service immediately on 0800 111 999.

Structural Defects

+ Structural Warranty

Palladian homes are covered by a comprehensive home builders’ warranty. This provides cover over a 10-year period in the very unlikely event that your home develops a significant structural defect.

You and your solicitor will be provided with copy of your 10-year policy documentation during the process of buying your home. If you have any concerns about the ongoing condition of your home, please consult your policy for guidance and contact the relevant insurance company.

Always remember that in the event of a gas leak, you should call the Gas Emergency Service immediately on 0800 111 999.