A passion for individuality

With extensive experience spanning more than 25 years in construction and property development, Palladian founder Simon Gibbons started the business with a singular goal in mind - to design and build homes with a strong emphasis on individuality.

The company has changed much during the past decade. Humble beginnings focused on the renovation and rejuvenation of tired period properties have given way to the creation of individual new builds and large scale developments today. But while the scale has changed, Simon's core values remain the same: "create high quality homes in choice locations, and don’t follow the crowd".

Palladian  founder and MD Simon Gibbons.

Palladian founder and MD Simon Gibbons.

Palladian operates as a small, close team of professionals all striving to deliver the highest possible standards. We see our size as a strength rather than a weakness, priding ourselves on our ability to provide customers with new homes that have the tradition and character that befits Yorkshire and its many beautiful towns and villages.